Pine Winds


It is important to me to breed for puppies that have the best possible start in life,  therefore I maintain the high standards for genetic testing within the Australian Labradoodle Association.

Contract Health Guarantee:

1. BREEDER guarantees that PUPPY is in good health, as far as it appears to the eye, has received appropriate medical inoculations, worming, and care, and has been spayed/neutered.  BREEDER will provide BUYER with the medical chart detailing treatment that PUPPY has received under BREEDER'S care, and any future care the BREEDER feels is essential to PUPPY'S well being.  The breeder does not assume any liability for any injury to said PUPPY during transport or delivery.

2. BREEDER guarantees PUPPY is free of life threatening diseases or disabilities for 72 hours after delivery to BUYER. Should life threatening diseases or disabilities be discovered by BUYER within 72 hours after receipt of PUPPY and attested to in writingto BREEDER by BUYER'S licensed veterinarian within 72 hours, BREEDER will provide BUYER with a replacement companion pet puppy as soon as such puppy is available to BREEDER.  BUYER must pay for any shipping or miscellaneous charges associated with transport of the replacement puppy.

NOTE: All puppies shipped have the chance of being exposed to other dogs while in transport, is out of control of the BREEDER'S control.

3.  BUYER must have PUPPY examined by a licensed veterinarian of BUYER'S choice within 72 hours of receipt of PUPPY and notify BREEDER or this contract will be null and void.


1.  The GENETIC HEALTH GAURANTEE shall remain in full force and effective for a period of 24 months which shall commence at the time the OWNER takes possession of the PUPPY.  The Genetic Health Guarantee shall automatically expire at the conclusion of the 24 month period and, therefore, the BREEDER shall have no further obligation to the BUYER/OWNER for the genetic health of the PUPPY.

2.  In the event of emergence of any genetic disorder within PUPPY'S first 26 months of life which is sufficently serious in the opinion of at least two qualified veterinarians, one of whom will be selected by the BREEDER, to deem PUPPY unsuitable as a companion pet or to warrant euthanasia of PUPPY, BREEDER agrees upon provision of of veterinary  reports and, where appicable,*OFA, *BVA, *Elbow dysplaysia, or *PRA. NOTE: ALL veternianian costs and testing procedural expenses are the OWNER'S responsibility.

a) Should OWNER choose to keep puppy, BREEDER will refund 50% ($****) of the companion pet price that was originally paid for the PUPPY with the submission of the supporting veterinary reports required above.  50% refund does not apply to any testing, veterinary bills, shipping or travel costs, which the OWNER might incur.  OWNER understands that in choosing this option that any and all further guarantees of the PUPPY'S Genetic Health Guarantee are null and void.

b)  Should owner choose to relinquish ownership of PUPPY to BREEDER, BREEDER will provide a replacement puppy to the OWNER as soon as such puppy is available to the BREEDER.  OWNER must pay for any shipping or miscellaneous charges associated with transport of PUPPY.  BREEDER will try and rehome PUPPY with a family that is prepared to deal with said PUPPY'S inhibiting defects.  If it is determined that the PUPPY cannot function in society as a companion pet due to genetically derived medical disorders then said PUPPY will be euthanized at the BREEDER'S expense.