Thank you to Linda & Sonny Kelsey for sharing Jackson   

       Agape Labradoodles                          Evergreen Jackson

                ​   "Jackson"


Puppies are introduced to the grooming table for nail trims and brushing.

We begin everyday with a walk and exploring.  This is the time the puppies learn "Come".

​             Dasher                                         Donner                                                Prancer

        Female, Loose fleece                                     Male, curly fleece                                                 Female, curly fleece

Our cat walks with the puppies where ever they go.


Before the puppy joins your family you will need to prepare.Below is a list of products needed to make your new members transistion to your home more comfortable.

1. Food and water bowls   I am feeding the puppies Purina Pro Plan puppy food as It is easy to find at most pet stores.  If you choose another brand please mix the two types of food together for a week to insure your puppy will not get an upset stomach that comes with a quick change.  Stainless steel bowls work the best as they can't be chewed/destroyed and are easy to clean. 

2. Crate   Puppies need a safe and secure spot to call their own, and a crate serves this purpose.  It is a good idea to purchase one that the puppy will grow into.  There are both wire and enclosed crates of which i have both, wire for warmer weather.  

​3.Collar and Leash  Your puppy will come with a small, light weight, adjustable collar.  If a child or inexperienced dog walker will be exercising the puppy then I recommend a small harness so the puppy won't be choked.  The leash should be light weight with a heavier one when the dog is older and grown more.

4.  Toys and Treats Puppies will enjoy the stimulation of the many toys you can find on the market.  Children will especially like a trip to the pet store to choose some toys for their new furry friend.  Select age appropriate and size toys (just like human children!).  Treats are the same and please look for the label MADE IN AMERICA!

Pine Winds


​Updates on Fall 2019 litter coming soon


Puppies greet our neighbor as she leaves for work.

Pine Winds Liberty Belle


​             ALAA-051708

I am excited about this repeat breeding!  These puppies will come from a line of registered therapy dogs making them possible candidates for pet companions and volunteer work.  They will also be wonderful for families wanting an intelligent, friendly, addition to their home.

As a breeder I am required to do basic genetic testing for the Australian Labradoodle Association making sure my breeding dogs are healthy and sound.  I choose to go further with testing and matching my dogs with males who genetically compliment my females. TEMPERAMENT plays a huge role in screening the males as well.  I plan a breeding with keeping a dog in my program and I plan for the best!

This litter will be priced at $2650.00 , tax included.  Puppies will have a two year health guarantee, dew claws removed, microchipped, on a worming schedule, two vaccinations, health documents, and very well socialized. New owners will be contracted to desex their dogs before the age of 8 months. They will be raised using the super puppy program and worked with daily.  They are raised in our home but have outside exercise time several times a day on our farm. Neighborhood children and adults stop by daily for playtime, snuggles, and puppy kisses.

Waiting list now in progress, RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED

Both dogs are:

Chocolate, medium sized

multi generational 

Australian labradoodles.

They both carry the parti gene.

Hips: Good

​Elbows: Clear

OFA: Clear

EIC: Clear

DM: Clear

vWB: Clear

PRA: Clear

IC: Clear

DNA: Yes